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3 Salmon Fishing Techniques You Should Know About

Catching salmon can be challenging. However, you can make things easier on yourself by knowing what techniques you should use. Below are three salmon fishing techniques you can try. If you implement these salmon fishing tips, then you could end up catching a lot of salmon.

1. Hooks Should Be Sharpened- A good technique for catching salmon is to sharpen your hooks before you head out to fish. This is because salmon are known for their thick jaws, and if your hook isn’t sharp, then catching them can be that much more difficult. It’s important to use hooks that are as sharp as possible. You might be surprised at how many people actually don’t fish with sharp hooks, but if you want to increase your chances of catching salmon, then always make sure your hooks are sharp.

2. Overcast Is Key For Success- One of the keys to catching a lot of salmon is knowing which days to fish on, and days that are low in lighting are the best days. This is because low lighting conditions are preferred by salmon, so consider going fishing on days that have an overcast. If you do decide to go fishing on sunny days or days with no overcast at all, then you’ll want to fish in very deep water, but don’t expect salmon to be as active as they would be on a day with overcast.

Silver Salmon with Kenai River Fishing Guide3. Know What Bait To Use- Another good technique you can use is by using roe, which is actually one of the best types of bait you can use to catch salmon. You can cure this type of bait on your own or you can buy it from places that sell live bait. If this type of bait doesn’t work for you, then use minnows, as they tend to be another good option to use when you want to catch salmon, as well as just about any other type of freshwater fish. The best thing to do is to use both types of bait and see which one works the best.
Using the right bait can help you catch salmon. So can fishing on days with overcast and making sure your hooks are sharpened. With that said, if you implement the above techniques and the tips, then you will increase your chances of catching salmon. Give those tips a try today and see how they work for you.

What Are Some Of The Best Fishing Spots In Alaska?

Fishing in Alaska can be a little different than fishing in other places throughout the US. It’s one of the most popular pastimes to enjoy while staying in or visiting Alaska, and there are things to think about when you’re deciding on a place to fish within the enormous state.

What type of fish are you wanting to catch?

salmon fishingSalmon fishing is definitely popular in Alaska. As you decide on a fishing spot, one thing you need to consider when it comes to locations throughout Alaska is whether or not they are easily accessible. Especially if you’re new to the sport or new to the location, you might not be ready for what you encounter. You’re going to find that many locations are quite popular and easily accessible, and then there are those locations that just aren’t frequently fished.

What if you were told that you had over 800 locations to choose from for your next fishing adventure? As mentioned, Alaska is a huge state! One of the popular salmon fishing locations is Kodiak Island. The only thing is you might be able to guess why it’s called Kodiak Island. Are you willing to be on an island fishing for salmon with a bunch of gigantic bears? In all seriousness, Kodiak Island is quite popular.

Surely, if you know anything about fishing in Alaska, you’ve heard of Bristol Bay. Bristol Bay is not only the best place for fishing salmon in Alaska, but it’s also the best place for fishing salmon in the entire world. Maybe you’re not wanting to fish salmon but instead get out there and see what else you can find. There are some great spots for fishing halibut in Alaska.

One of the halibut fishing locations is Homer. Homer is where you can charter a fishing boat and get out there to see what you can catch for the day. Are you wanting a place that is a little less crowded? If so, then might head on over to the Copper River Delta, which is located in Cordova. This could be your new fishing spot where you can enjoy your hobby without being bothered as much.

If you’re looking to catch giant, trophy rainbow trout, look no further and head on down to jasons guide service fishingthe Kenai Peninsula and fish on the Kenai River. We don’t fish the Kenai, but we highly recommend hiring Kenai River fishing guide, Jason Lesmeister. His company Jason’s Guide Service will take care of you and get you on the fish! We have referred many clients to him and have only heard good things.

Of course, once you discover even more hot fishing spots in Alaska, you’re going to want to visit all kinds of places. I would advise starting somewhere more common, even if you’re an experienced fisherman. Once you get up there and get familiar with your surroundings, you can partner with locals and go elsewhere.

Alaska Adventure – Part 2 Hunting in Alaska and fishing for grayling

Alaska Adventure – Part 2 Hunting in Alaska and fishing for grayling

I go hunting and fishing on the Denali highway in central Alaska with Tommy my son, my brother Dan, and a few of my nephews. We fish for grayling, shoot and eat ptarmagin and hunt for caribou. It was an amazing Alaskan adventure and vacation. We also picked berries and camped.

Check out part 1 of our Alaska Adventure at https://youtu.be/NnwBa6Q2ANw

Alaska Life ~ The WORST day FISHING.

Alaska Life ~ The WORST day FISHING.

We are salmon fishing on a boat on Resurrection Bay outside of Seward, Alaska. This has to be our worst day of catching fish in a long time.

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Sockeye Salmon Fishing – Catch and Cook (Alaska)

Sockeye Salmon Fishing – Catch and Cook (Alaska)

In this video I get to Catch and Cook Sockeye Salmon with some subscriber in Alaska!! New to the channel? PLEASE Subscribe and help me reach 100,000!! https://goo.gl/s9lQgZ

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Alaska Dream FISH!!!!!!

Alaska Dream FISH!!!!!!

big fish and no BS

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Fish Wars In Alaska : Amazing Documentary

Fish Wars In Alaska : Amazing Documentary

Fish Wars In Alaska : Amazing Documentary

The Fish Wars were a series of civil disobedience protests in the 1960s and ‘70s in which Native American tribes around the Puget Sound pressured the U.S. government to recognize fishing rights granted by the Point No Point Treaty.

Read more : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_Wars

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Best Remote Fishing Cabin in Alaska

Best Remote Fishing Cabin in Alaska

Fishing, Camping, Outhouse, Squirrels Alaska Cabin life has it all!
Watch our Billy the Bass video here: https://youtu.be/lmUld7aOcRU

We will have many more Alaska trip videos! Get ready! Watch the Alaska Trip Playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS7ACAEvVso&list=PL3BVMyyYBBRED3CFQzHwOp0zDXq7oKDT0

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Alaska Crab Fishing Jobs | Bering Sea King Crabbing

Alaska Crab Fishing Jobs | Bering Sea King Crabbing

Alaska Crab Fishing Jobs | Bering Sea King Crabbing
The dangers of crabbing in Alaska are very real. The Bureau of Labor Statistics usually ranks Alaskan crab fishing the occupation with the highest mortality rate (300:100,000). Most of these deaths are reported as death by drowning or from hypothermia. Additionally, many more people each year are injured and crippled due to the machinery in use onboard. One of the reasons crabbing in Alaska is so dangerous is because it takes place during the winter months, when crab harvests are at their highest. During the winter, waters are colder, storms are more frequent and the ocean is considerably more difficult to manage. Up until about 2005 the crab industry in Alaska ran on a derby system. This system meant that at the opening date for the season boats left for harvest and crabbed until the quota was met for the year and the crabbing fleets were called in. Fishermen would crab 24 hours a day with crews resting very little in order to catch as much as they could as fast as they could. This added to the human error aspect in the dangers of crabbing and also contributed to many deaths. These hours and risks were considered well worth the pay when a deckhand on a crabbing boat could fetch anywhere from ,000 – 0,000 during a season.